Resolving For No More Resolutions

Mindset, New Year

It’s right about this time of year when we feel that fiery desire from January 1 start to flicker like a candle on its last breath. Instead of throwing ourselves under the bus or wondering why this year wasn’t any different than last, perhaps our overall mindset about change itself, is what needs an examination. If we can shift the way we approach change, day in and day out, maybe every day has the potential to feel like the clean slate of new years.

Slow down, take a deep breath and think about what change might look and feel like for you as the year continues.



Be truthful with those around you about what you want and how you plan on achieving it. Building an environment that supports and acknowledges your efforts will not only give you a mental and physical boost, it will give others a chance to understand and support your new priorities.


Sure, setting goals springs us into action and helps us keep our eyes on the prize. But honoring our progress along the way will serve us more in the long run when times get tough. Make it a habit to acknowledge at least one small achievement, every day. (Yes. Every. Single. Day.) The end goal is important, but who we must become on the journey is where the real magic happens.


Change can be messy. If you’re really being honest with yourself, the path may not be as clear cut as you’d like. You will take leaps forward and you will take steps back. Know that set-backs do not equate to failure, they’re only feedback. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, it will eventually subside.


Introduce small changes rather than massive overhauls to avoid overwhelm. Focus on progress, not perfection.


You can’t make room for new if the old is still taking up space in your life. Take a close look at your environment. Take an even closer look at the negative thoughts running amuck in your head. Make a conscious effort to make room for what you want and let go of what doesn’t serve you.


Whether it be a coach, trainer, spouse or co-worker tribe, reach out for the support you need. Noticing our own habits is tough, giving ourselves love and props is even harder. But being on a journey with a supportive community propels you into a world where the exchange of positive energy is automatic and inspiring.


Megan Sanchez is the owner of UpSwing Health Coaching. She works one-on-one with busy professionals who want to revamp their lifestyle and prioritize self-care. Megan helps people develop habits that are built on super small, everyday commitments to nutrition, movement, and personal nourishment that feel good because your body tells you so, not because you’re following the latest trend.  She loves both outdoor and urban adventures. She’s called DC home for 7 years.

megan sanchez