Health Coach = Life Coach?

Health Coaching

I often get asked what the difference is between a health coach and a life coach. The work is very similar, both help you step into a greater version of yourself and remind you that you always have choices and options. Coaches don’t just help you get unstuck, they help you get unstuck for good. This work is about slow change, not a quick fix.

Health coaching starts with the foundation that until you can feel into and celebrate your body through nourishing food choices, movement, and self-care practices, there’s no energy or clarity to focus on all of the other facets of life that are so important to us. Like a meaningful career, deep relationships that matter, hobbies that inspire us or steady finances that grant us freedom.

If the point of being healthy is so we can engage in the things we love and the things we’ve dreamed of doing, we must start with ourselves, mind and body together. In this way, a health coach certainly is a life coach. We only have this one chance to give it our all. It’s never too late to take care of our bodies and step into the wide open horizon of possibilities that will present themselves as a result.

megan sanchez