Coaching Services

90 Day Total Transformation

The twelve sessions of the 90 day program help you get more in tune with the thoughts, feelings and emotions that guide every day choices. This program will empower you to be the leading authority on your health, body and happiness. Together, we’ll slowly uncover exactly what your body is needing and how to provide nourishment through easy action steps that grow into second nature habits. There’s guaranteed to be plenty of deep breakthroughs and lots of laughter, because healthy does not have to be hard. The Total Transformation includes weekly one-on-one coaching sessions with virtual text and email support in between meetings, plus curated information that moves you out of overwhelm and into straightforward action. This program is offered in person if you’re local to the DC area, or virtually from anywhere in the country.


6 Month Mind + Body Intensive

The 24 sessions of the Intensive build on the foundation of the 90 Day Program, empowering you to trust your intuition and strengthen your mental and physical wellbeing and connectivity to the world around you. A commitment to 6 months of self-exploration, along with strategic action on small, 1% shifts in daily behavior will double your energy and reveal a deeper sense of purpose, fulfillment, health and self-awareness. Together, we’ll tap into your greatest physical and mental potential in a fun, easy to manage journey. The Intensive includes weekly one-on-one coaching sessions,  individual meditation guidance, plus experiential gifts and tools that will help you explore new wellness practices. This program is offered in person if you’re local to the DC area, or virtually from anywhere in the country.

Workshops & Group Talks

Without support and accountability, we find ourselves losing motivation and falling off the wagon before we even pick up speed. Noticing our own habits is tough, giving ourselves love and props is even harder. But being on a journey with a supportive community propels you into a world where the exchange of positive energy is automatic and inspiring.

Workshops and talks are available in customized topics to meet your unique community needs. Long-term wellness programs are available for sustained results and support.


Total Mind & Body Intensive

Upswing has teamed up with Infinity Personal Training in a life altering journey of physical fitness and holistic habit change. Believing that exercise alone won’t make you healthy and nourishment is not solely defined by what you put in your body, our team will empower you to move past your stuck points and into a state of strength, wellness and ease. Building on the foundation of the 90-Day Program, we’ll uncover exactly what your body is needing and how to provide nourishment through small, easy to manage behavior shifts. At the same time, you’ll experience a specialized physical training program that will revamp your energy levels and strength. The Intensive Program includes ten 60 minute coaching sessions, two 90 minute deep dive coaching sessions, 3-4 physical training sessions per week with body measurement tracking, VIP wellness experiences based on your unique interests and needs, recipes, curated information and so much more. This program is offered in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area only.

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