Megan Sanchez

Hi there, I’m Megan. And I’m busy, just like you. I make to do lists (often adding items that I’ve already completed just for that cross-off satisfaction) only to find that by the end of the day my list has gotten longer. Not shorter.

My whole life, I’ve considered myself healthy. I grew up in an active, energetic family. My dad can still put me to shame if we decide to hit the pool together on a Saturday morning. But as my life changed and shifted, so did my priorities, and so did my habits.

The thing is, as I’ve aged, my expectations of myself have never wavered. Now more than ever, I want the energy to live a full, exciting life. I love a challenge and plan on continuing to take them on. Ask my poor husband. If there’s an option for a 4 versus 8 mile nature hike, you better believe we’re taking the long way around. 

Unfortunately, things caught up with me.

One evening, I found myself sitting at work, shoulders hunched, ache creeping into my lower back, jeans feeling a bit tighter than the week before. It was past quitting time. A workout had been skipped, dinner would certainly not be coming from my kitchen tonight. I. Was. Tired.

I took a deep breath and realized my heart was beating unusually fast for a woman who had been sitting stock-still for hours on end. This could not be a good sign.

But this was normal, right? This feeling of burnout and fatigue. This hazy brain I was living with. This is the price to pay as you make a successful career, engage in beloved hobbies, and keep up relationships with the people that matter most in your life. Right?

Maybe not.

In that moment, I knew I had a choice, but I wasn’t sure how to create a lifestyle that made sense for me.

How on earth could I get my mind and body back on track without giving up the things I love ?

I learned there was a way that I could do everything I wanted– and do it better than before, just by prioritizing myself. My inner game would surely inform my outer game.

I began to slow down. It turns out my body was giving me all kinds of physical signals that I was simply ignoring or assuming were “normal” for a woman who was no longer rocking out in her 20s. I began to eat and move in a way that served me, not that left me depleted and worn out. And I began to set boundaries. I bumped myself up on my priority list in tiny ways that at first felt self-indulgent and selfish. Turns out either no one noticed or they were pleased to see me take some time for myself. Over time, my life changed.

My every day hustle started to feel easier. And on my best days it hardly feels like a hustle at all.

What makes health coaching unique is that you consistently focus on what you get to have, rather than what you don’t. Choosing between being healthy and engaging in the things you love will never make sense. I know I’ll never give up a lovely glass of red wine when I’m catching up with a good friend. I’ll continue to celebrate holidays with family and I’ll definitely reward myself when I achieve something great (or even just kinda okay!) But these things happen in ways that feel good. They’re not destructive and thoughtless. I know that what feels good is what my body and mind want.

This is my one shot at life and it’s what I deserve. In fact, I think it’s what we deserve.

I’m passionate about helping others begin a health journey that’s designed just for them. It’s time to get curious about just how amazing this life can feel.

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